TIF TIF8900 Combustible Gas Detector


TIF TIF8900 Combustible Gas Detector

TIF8900 is the perfect tool to be used in a situation where a combustible gas, vapor or residue needs to be found.


Voltage (Charger) 115V, 60Hz
Probe Length 15” (38cm)
Power Supply (Two) 2.4V Ni-Cad Batteries
Battery Life 4 Hours/Charge
Operating Time Instantaneous
Warm-up Time 30 seconds
Partial List of Detectable Compounds 

And Min. detectable concentration
Acetylene 50 ppm
Iso-Butane (R600a) 500 ppm
Methane 500 ppm
Ethane (R170) 500 ppm
Propane (R290) 500 ppm
Ethylene 500 ppm
Hydrogen 500 ppm
Methyl Ether 500 ppm
Vinyl Chloride 5 ppm
Methyl Chloride 5 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide 5 ppm
Acetone 50 ppm
Methanol 50 ppm
Ammonia (R717) 20 ppm
Gasoline 1 ppm
Chlorine 1 ppm


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