TVBTECH 38mm Sewer Drain Pipe Inspection Camera System 3299F


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TVBTECH 38mm Sewer Drain Pipe Inspection Camera System 3299F
This is a Drain/Pipe Inspection Camera that comes with self-leveling feature 38mm camera head, a removeable 7inch LCD monitor with DVR, a 60-120m fiberglass push cable reel, all parts (including camera head, monitor, cable etc) are mounted on a robust stainless steel wheel.
This system is widely used in inspections of Sewer, central air conditioning, chimney, plumbing, building, cable
pipe and pipes ventilation systems and other places.
Product No.: 3299F
Key Features:
  • 1/3" Sony CCD camera, 120°wide vision angle, 752H * 582V pixels
  • Camera Size Φ38mm×81mm(main body)
  • Two roller skids, mini one at dia.72mm, another universal skid at dia.115-250mm
  • Sapphire glass lens cover, 12 white LEDs
  • Diameter of camera:38mm, Focus Distance 12cm (approx)
  • Water proof level, 20m underwater (camera fix on cable)
  • Push cable dia. 9mm
  • 7” LCD color monitor 
  • SD Card slot to store still pictures or videos 
  • One push record button
  • LED brightness control buttons
  • Video image rotate button
  • With microphone for audio recording 
  • Built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 hours 
  • On-Screen date and time 
  • With self-leveling feature
  • On-screen meter/ft. distance display
  • 60-120m fiberglass push rod 
  • Built-in 512hz sonde(optional) 
  • With universal installation brackets
Optional feature:
- Camera head with built-in 512Hz sonde
- Optional camera skids: 
Caster Skid: POM ¢134x83.9. 30mm Wheel 
POM Skid: POM ¢78x83.9 
Ball Support:POM S¢60x53.5 
Lock Sleeve:POM ¢54.6x38
- Keyboard for text input
- Optional cable length: 60M, 80M,100M,120M
- For Professional Pipeline, Drain, Sewer, Duct, Chimneys, Machinery and Building Inspection;
- For Maintenance of Plumbing
What’s included?
- 1 x 38mm Camera head
- 1 x 60-120m push cable
- 1 x professional 7" monitor with DVR
- 1 x 72 Roller Skid (for pipe diameter 4"-5")
- 1 x 120 universal Skid (for pipe diameter 5 "- 12")
- 1 x battery pack
- 1 x remote control
- 1 x screw driver
- 1 x power adapter
- 1 x car charger
- 1 x universal installation brackets
- 1 x U-Shape wheel extension handle
Packing details:
- 1 unit in one carton
- Carton G.W.: 23kg-28.8kg 
- Carton Measurement: 80 x 36 x 92cm
Camera Head
Camera Size: Φ38mm×81mm(main body)
Camera Total Length: 318mm
Sensor: 1/3" Sony CCD, 480 TV-Line
Pixel: 752H * 582V
View Angle: 120°
Transmitter: 512hz built-in(selectable)
Self leveling: Built-in
Focus Distance: 12cm (approx)
Depth-of-Field: 120cm(approx)
Front Lens: Sapphire glass
Water-Proof: 20m Under Water(Camera fix on Cable)
Shell Material: #304 stainless steel
Lighting: Built-in 12×LED(White)
Operating Temperature: -10~50℃/+14~+122℉
Storage Temperature: -20~60℃/+4~+140℉
Cable Wheel
60-120M fiberglass push rod cable with on-screen distance counter
Dia. of push cable: 9mm
LCD Monitor
Screen: 7-inch 16:9 Super bright HD color LCD screen
Resolution: 800x480 RGB
Mirror and Flip: support image mirror, and flip
Video Resolution: 720*576 25fps Max.
Video Encoding: H.264
Photograph: 720*480/720*576
Audio Recording: local sound record
Output: TV and Audio output
External memory: support SD memory card up to 32GB
Data output: USB 2.0 to PC
LED Driver: Built-in dimmer
Play back: Video,Photo and Audio
On-screen date and time
On-screen meter/ft. distance display
Battery Capacity: 7.4V 4400mAh Li-ion Battery
Power Supply: DC 12V input
Life/Charge time: 5/8 hours
Language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese
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  • TVBTECH 38mm Sewer Drain Pipe Inspection Camera System 3299F
  • TVBTECH 38mm Sewer Drain Pipe Inspection Camera System 3299F
  • TVBTECH 38mm Sewer Drain Pipe Inspection Camera System 3299F
  • TVBTECH 38mm Sewer Drain Pipe Inspection Camera System 3299F