Twintex TP 1303


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Twintex TP 1303
Product Name : Single Output Linear DC Power Supply
Model : TP_1000_1000C_Series

The TP1000 series are linear DC power supplies with 2 channels, 95W to 185W output. The TP1000C series provide a simpler option of only 1 channel, 90W to 180W output. In constant voltage and current operations, the power supply provides high regulation and low ripple & noise. The output ON/OFF control and coarse/fine control enables safe and easy operation. The TP1000/1000C series are widely used in applications of powering operational amplifier, push pull stages, logic circuit and definition systems.

Constant voltage, constant current operation

Output ON/OFF control

High efficiency, light and compact design

High power density

Current limit protection

Over load protection for fixed 5V/1A output

Dual-color two digital panel meters

Constant voltage Operation

Load regulation


Line regulation

≤0.02%+5mV (I>3A), ≤0.01%+3mV (I≤3A)

Ripple & Noise

≤2mV rms

Temperature co-efficient


Recovery time

≤100us (50% load change, minimum load 0.5A)

Constant current operation

Load regulation


Line regulation


Temperature co-efficient


Fixed 5V/1A output

Output accuracy


Ripple & noise

≤2mV rms


Over load and reverse polarity protections



3 digits LED display





±(0.5% reading+2digits)


±(0.1% reading+2digits)


Over load and reverse polarity protections

Power source

AC110V/220V ±10% selectable, 50/60Hz

Operating environment

0℃~40℃, <80%

Storage environment

-10℃~70℃, <80%


Power cord ×1, Operation manual ×1, Test lead ×1


Output voltage: 0~30V

Output current: 0~3A

Fixed output: 5V/1A


Output on/off: √

Dimension: 160×130×310

Weight 5 (kg)


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